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MyLibrary User Guide

MyLibrary is an online library service for members of Tohoku Univ. The service requires Tohoku-Dai ID&PW.

Functions guide

Gatway of online services How to login & List of functions
 Login ID : Tohoku-Dai ID
 Login PW : Tohoku-Dai ID's Password
Reserve books How to reserve books.
Reserve books(from other univ) How to request books from other library.
※We don't accept the applications by private expense.
E-mail registration Please register your e-mail address to receive useful notification from library : the due date of returning books, photocopy arrival, etc.
    Other services,
      -Check Status of Loan / Reservation
      -Inter Library Loan / Photocopy Request
      -Purchase Request (for IMR members)
      -Change contact library for photocopy/loan
      -Online Reference Service

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