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Rules for usage of Online Journal

IMR users must read the following rules carefully and fill out [Agreement Form], and hand it to the chief staff of your laboratory. Without agreement, you may not use Online Journals.→ English(PDF)Chinese(PDF)


1. (Authorized users of computers)
Only academic, research, and administrative staff of the Institute, including visiting scholars, postgraduate, and undergraduate students of Tohoku University, are allowed to access the Electronic Journals available to Tohoku University, using computers with IP addresses originating from the Institute. Guests from other universities, institutes, or companies may also use the services, provided that an Institute staff member assumes responsibility.

2. (Restrictions on downloading and distribution of printed data)
Authorized users are allowed to download data from Electronic Journals for research purposes only. “Downloading” refers to the printing of HTML webpages and PDF forms, as well as data saved on PCs. It is expressly prohibited to deliver or transfer downloaded or printed data to others, regardless of the occasion or the kind of medium (PDF, HTML, or printed paper) used.

3. (Prohibition on excessive downloading or accessing of materials)
Downloading excessive numbers of articles, tables of contents, or abstracts from Electronic Journals is strictly prohibited. The prohibition on excessive downloading includes manual downloads, accessing with a software service, and automated downloads. (For example, when the number of articles downloaded per hour exceeds the permitted limit, for example, 250 per hour in the case of AIP journals, access will no longer be provided by the Publisher).

4. (Paying the cost of service disconnections)
Users who violate rule 2 or 3 will be liable for paying the cost incurred via their own research division. The cost will be calculated based on the severity and duration of the service disconnection.

5. (Compensation for damages)
If the Publisher has to seek compensation for damages as a result of a user’s illegal use of equipment or due to gross negligence, the user shall be responsible in whole or in part for the amounts involved.

6. (Security measures)
As computer viruses can cause excessive downloads and illegal access, the security of every account and every terminal at the Institute is important. Any computer system that is connected to the Internet should be considered as vulnerable to external attack, and users must take proper security measures accordingly.


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