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(全学内購入雑誌はこちら / All titles in Tohoku Univ.)


Radioisotopes *Full:1952(Vol.1)-
[The Japan Radioisotope Association] [J-STAGE]

Reports on Progress in Physics *Full:1934(Vol.1)-

Review of Scientific Instruments *Full:1930(Vol.1)-

Reviews of Modern Physics *Full:1929(Vol.1)-

Russian Physics Journal *Full:1965(Vol.8)-



Science. *Full:1880(Vol. os-1)-
[Am. Assoc. Adv. Sci.]
# EBSCO: Full:1997(Vol.275, No.5296)- 2004(Vol.306, No.5705) /Abst:1984(Vol.223, No.4632)-

Science reports of the RITU, Ser. A, *Full:1949(Vol.1)-1997(Vol.45,No.1)
[Tohoku University. = 東北大学]

Scientific American. *Full:2007(Vol.296)-/Abst:1984(Vol.250,No1)-
[Scientific American] # EBSCO:本文はHTML形式

Scripta Materialia. *Full:1996(Vol.34)-
#継続前誌 Scripta Metallurgica et Materialia/Full:1990(Vol.24)-1995(Vol.33)
#継続前誌 Scripta Metallurgica /Full:1967(Vol.1)-1989(Vol.23)

Semiconductor Science and Technology. *Full:1986(Vol.1)-

Solar Energy. *Full:1957(Vol.1)-

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells. *Full:1992(Vol.25)-
[Elsevier]#継続前誌 Solar Energy Materials /Full:1979(Vol.1)-1991(Vol.24)

Solid State Communications. *Full:1963(Vol.1)-

Solid State Ionics. *Full:1980(Vol.1)-

Spectrochimica Acta. B : Atomic Spectroscopy. *Full:1967(Vol.23)-
[Elsevier]#継続前誌 Spectrochimica Acta /Full:1939(Vol.1)-1966(Vol.22)

SPIN *Abst:2011(Vol.1)-(Free論文あり)
[World Scientific]

Superconductor Science & Technology. *Full:1988(Vol.1)-

Superlattices and Microstructures. *Full:1985(Vol.1)-

Surface and coatings technology. *Full:1986(Vol.27)-

Surface and Interface Analysis. *Full:1996(Vol.24)-

Surface Science. *Full:1964(Vol.1)-

Surface Science Reports. *Full:1981(Vol.1)-

Synthetic Metals. *Full:1979(Vol.1)-