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Parallel Computing *Full:1984(Vol.1)-

Phase Transitions*Full:1979(Vol.1)-2014(Vol.87)/Abst:2015(Vol.88)-
[Taylor & Francis]
# EBSCO host:Full:2003(Vol.76)- issues past 18 months

Philosophical Magazine *Full:2003(Vol.83)-
[Taylor & Francis] # 1978-2002まで Philosophical Magazine A, B

Philosophical Magazine. A. *Full:1978(Vol.37)-2002(Vol.82)
[Taylor & Francis] # 2003より Philosophical Magazine に改題
# EBSCO host:Full:1998(Vol.77)-2002(Vol.82 No.18)

Philosophical Magazine. B. *Full:1978(Vol.37)-2002(Vol.82)
[Taylor & Francis] # 2003より Philosophical Magazine に改題
# EBSCO host:Full:1998(Vol.77)-2002(Vol.82 No.18)

Philosophical Magazine Letters *Full:1955(Vol.87)-
[Taylor & Francis]

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A : Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences
[Royal Society of London]#継続前誌 Full:1965(Vol.1)-1886(Vol.177)

Physica. A : Statistical Mechanics and its Applications. *Full:1975(Vol.79)-
[Elsevier]#継続前誌 Physica /Full:1934(Vol.1)-1974(Vol.78)

Physica. B : Condensed Matter. *Full:1988(Vol.152)-
[Elsevier]#継続前誌 Physica. B+C /Full:1975(Vol.79)-1988(Vol.151)

Physica. C : Superconductivity. *Full:1988(Vol.152)-

Physica. D : Nonlinear Phenomena. *Full:1980(Vol.1)-

Physica. E : Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures. *Full:1997(Vol.1)-

Physica Scripta. *Full:1970(Vol.1)- 
[IOP] # Topical Issues: 1982(Vol.1)-2005(Vol.121)冊子体&CD-ROM

Physica Status Solidi. A : Applications and Materials Science. *Full:1996(Vol.153)- /Abst:1970(Vol.1)-

Physica Status Solidi. B : Basic Solid State Physics. *Full:1996(Vol.193)- /Abst:1961(Vol.1)-

Physica Status Solidi. C : Current Topics in Solid State Physics. *Full:2003(Vol.0)-

Physica Status Solidi. Rapid Research Letters : PSS-RRL*Full:2007(Vol.1)-

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics *Full:1999(Vol.1)-
#継続前誌 『Journal of Chemical Society. Faraday Transactions』/Full:1997(Vol.93)-1998(Vol.94)
『Journal of the Chemical Society. Faraday transactions 1』Abst:1972(Vol.68)-1989(Vol.85)
『Journal of the Chemical Society. Faraday transactions 2』Abstl:1972(Vol.68)-1989(Vol.85)
『Transactions of the Faraday Society』Abst:1905(Vol.1)-1971(Vol.67)

Physical Review. A : Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics. *Full:1970(Vol.1)-
[APS]#継続前誌 Physical Review /Full:1893-1969

Physical Review. B : Condensed Matter and Materials Physics. *Full:1970(Vol.1)-

Physical Review. C : Nuclear Physics. *Full:1970(Vol.1)-

Physical Review. D : Particles, Fields, Gravitation, and Cosmology. *Full:1970(Vol.1)-

Physical Review. E : Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics. *Full:1993(Vol.47)-

Physical Review X *Full:2011(Vol.1)-

Physical Review Letters. *Full:1958(Vol.1)-

Physical Review Accelerators and Beams. *Full:1998(Vol.1)- 
[APS]# Online open-access journal

Physical Review Physics Education Research. *Full:2005(Vol.1)- 
[APS]# Online open-access journal

Physics Letters A. *Full:1967(Vol.24)-
[Elsevier]#継続前誌 Physics Letters/Full:1962(Vol.1)-1966(Vol.23)

The Physics of Metals and Metallography. *Full:2006(Vol.101)-

Physics Reports. *Full:1971(Vol.1)-
[Elsevier] # a reviews section of Physics Letters

Physics of the Solid State. *Full:1997(Vol.39)-

Physics Today *Full:1948(Vol.1)-
[AIP]# EBSCO : Full:1975(Vol.28)- issues past 12 months

Polymer *Full:1960(Vol.1)-

Powder Metallurgy *Full:1958(Vol.1)- issues past 12 months
[Taylor & Francis]

Proceedings of the Royal Society. Ser.A : Math., Phys. & Eng. Sci. *Full:1905(Vol.76No.507)-
[Royal Society of Publishing]#継続前誌 Proceedings of the Royal Society/Full:1800(Vol.1)-1904(Vol.75)

Progress in Materials Science *Full:1961(Vol.9)-
[Elsevier]#継続前誌 Progress in Metals Physics/Full:1949(Vol.1)-1959(Vol.8)

Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics(PTEP) *Full:2012-
[The Progress of Theoretical Physics]# Online open-access journal
#継続前誌:Progress of Theoretical Physics (PTP)/Full:1946(Vol.1)-2012(Vol.128No.6)

#Progress of Theoretical Physics Suppl.(PTPS)/Full:1955(Vol.1)-2012(Vol.197)