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(全学内購入雑誌はこちら / All titles in Tohoku Univ.)


Nano Letters *Full:2001(Vol.1)-
[Am. Chem. Soc.]

Nanostructured Materials *Full:1992(Vol.1)-1999(Vol.12)
[Elsevier] # 1999で廃刊. 以下 Acta Mater.Scripta Mater.に吸収

Nature *Full:1997(Vol.385)-/Cont:1869(Vol.1)-
[Nature] # nature DIGEST(日本語)Full:2004(Vol.1)-

Nature Communications *Full:2010(Vol.1)-

Nature Materials*Full:2002(Vol.1)-

Nature Nanotechnology*Full:2006(Vol.1)-

Nature Physics*Full:2005(Vol.1)-

[Springer] #継続後誌 The Science of nature /Full:2015(Vol.102)-

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research. Sect.B. : Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms*Full:1984(Vol.1)-



Optical Materials*Full:1992(Vol.1)-

Optics Letters *Full:1977(Vol.1)-
[OSA]# 片平キャンパス内のみ閲覧可

Optics & Photonics News *Full:1975(Vol.1)-【一部不可】
[OSA]# 片平キャンパス内のみ閲覧可 # electronic journal only

Oxidation of Metals *Full:1969(Vol.1)-