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(全学内購入雑誌はこちら / All titles in Tohoku Univ.)


Key Engineering Materials.*Abst:1982(Vol.1)-【一部不可】
[Trans Tech Pub.]



Lecture Notes in Physics.*Full:1997(Vol.478)-/Cont:1969(Vol.1)-

Low Temperature Physics. *Abst:1997(Vol.23)-



[Am. Chem. Soc.]

Materials and Corrosion. *Full:1996(Vol.47)-/Abst:1950(Vol.1)-
[Wiley]# 別タイトル  Werkstoffe und Korrosion

Materials Letters.*Full:1982(Vol.1)-

Materials Research Bulletin.*Full:1966(Vol.1)-

Materials Science & Engineering. A.*Full:1988(Vol.101)-
[Elsevier]# Structual Materials: Properties, Microstructure and Processing
#継続前誌:Materials Science & Engineering /Full:1966(Vol.1)-1988(Vol.100)

Materials Science & Engineering. B. *Full:1988(Vol.1)-
[Elsevier]# Advanced Functional Solid-state Materials

Materials Science & Engineering. C.*Full:1993(Vol.1)-
[Elsevier] # Materials for Biological Applications

Materials Science & Engineering. R.*Full:1993(Vol.10,No.6)-
[Elsevier] # Reports: A Review Journal
#継続前誌:Materials Science Reports / Full:1986(Vol.1)-1993(Vol.10 No.5)

Materials Science and Technology.*Full:1985(Vol.1)-1996(Vol.12)/Abst:1997(Vol.13)-
[Taylor & Francis]
#継続前誌:Metal Science
#継続前誌:Metals Technology

Materials Science Forum.*Abst:1984(Vol.1) -【一部不可】
[Trans Tech Pub.]

Materials Science Research International.*Full:1995(Vol.1)-2004(Vol.10)
[Soc. Mater. Sci. Jpn. = 日本材料学会]【NDL】2004で休刊

Materials Transactions.*Full:1960(Vol.1)-
[Jpn. Inst. Met. = 日本金属学会] # [PDF(organization)]からFull可

Measurement Science & Technology. *Full: 1990(Vol.1)-
[IoP]#継続前誌:Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments/Full:1968(Vol.1)-1989(Vol.22)
   #継続前誌:Journal of Scientific Instruments /Full:1923(Vol.1)-1967(Vol.44)

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions. A.*Full:1975(Vol.6)-(Vol.1-5はBにあり)
[Springer]# Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions.B*Full:1970(Vol.1)-
[Springer]# Process Metalurgy and Materials proessing science

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials.*Full:1998(Vol.20)-
[Elsevier]#継続前誌:Zeolites /Full:1981(Vol.1)-1997(Vol.19)
     #継続前誌:Microporous Materials /Full:1993(Vol.1) -1997(Vol.12)

Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering*Full:1992(Vol.1)-

Modern Physics Letters. B.*Abst:1987(Vol.1)-
[World Scientific]

MRS Bulletin.*Full:1974(Vol.1)-
[Camb.Univ.Press] [MRS]