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(全学内購入雑誌はこちら / All titles in Tohoku Univ.)


Ferroelectrics *Full:1970(Vol.1)-1996(Vol.189)/Abst:1997(Vol.190)-
[Taylor & Francis] #派生後誌 Ferroelectrics Letters Section/Abst:1983(Vol.1)-

Fresenius' J. of Analytical Chemistry *Full:1862(Vol.1)-2001(Vol.371)
[Springer]# 2002(Vol.372)より "Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry"に改題

Fusion Science & Technology *Full:1981(Vol.1)-
[Am. Nucl. Soc.]


Hyperfine Interactions *Full:1975(Vol.1)-



IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics *Full:1965(Vol.1)-

IEEE Transactions on Magnetics *Full:1965(Vol.1)-

Inorganic Materials *Full:2000(Vol.36)-

Intermetallics *Full:1993(Vol.1)-

Int. J. of High Performance Computing Applications *Full:1987(Vol.1)-

Int. J. of Materials Research → Zeitschrift fur Metallkunde 

Int. J. of Modern Physics. B. *Abst:1999(Vol.13)-
[World Scientific]

Int. J. of Nanoscience *Abst:2002(Vol.1)- 
[World Scientific]

Int. Materials Reviews *Full:1987(Vol.1)-1996(Vol.41)/Abst:1997(Vol.42)-

ISIJ International *Full:1989(Vol.29)-
[J-STAGE] #継続前誌 Transactions of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan/Full:1981(Vol.21)-1988(Vol.28)