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(全学内購入雑誌はこちら / All titles in Tohoku Univ.)


Biomaterials *Full:1980(Vol.1)-

Bulletin of the American Physical Society *Full:1993-
[APS] # Meetings

Bulletin of the Chemical Soceity of Japan *Full:1926(Vol.1)-
[日本化学会 = Chemical Society of Japan]


Canadian Journal of Physics *Full:2001(Vol.79)-issues past 12 months
[NATL Research Council Canada]# EBSCO

Carbon *Full:1963(Vol.1)-

Catalysis Today *Full:1987(Vol.1)-

Chemical Physics *Full:1973(Vol.1)-

Chemical Physics Letters *Full:1967(Vol.1)-

Chemistry of Materials *Full:1989(Vol.1)-
[Am. Chem. Soc.]

Computational Materials Science *Full:1992(Vol.1)-

Computer Physics Communications *Full:1969(Vol.1)-

Corrosion *Full:1945(Vol.1)-
[NACE International]

Corrosion Engineering Science and Technology *Full:2003(Vol.38)- issues past 12 months
[EBSCOhost] [The Institute of Materials]#継続前誌 British Corrosion Journal/Abst:1965(Vol.1)-2002(Vol.37)

Corrosion Science *Full:1961(Vol.1)- 

Cryogenics *Full:1960(Vol.1)-

Crystal Engineering *Full:1998(Vol.1)-2003(Vol.6)
[Elsevier]# 2003(Vol.6)で休刊

Crystal Growth and Design *Full:2001(Vol.1)-
[Am. Chem. Soc.]

Crystal Research and Technology *Full:1996(Vol.31)- /Abst:1966(Vol.1)-

Crystallography Reports *Full:2000(Vol.45)-