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     This list contains related journals with studies at IMR.
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    Acta Biomaterialia *Full:2005(Vol.1)-

    Acta Crystallographica. Sect.A :Foundations of Crystallography *Full:1968(Vol.24)-
    [IUCr][Munksgaard] #継続前誌:Acta Crystallographica /Full:1948(Vol.1)-1967(Vol.23)

    Acta Crystallographica. Sect.B : Structural Science *Full:1968(Vol.24)-
    [IUCr][Munksgaard]#継続前誌 Acta Crystallographica /Full:1948(Vol.1)-1967(Vol.23)

    Acta Crystallographica. Sect.C : Crystal Structure Communications *Full:1983(Vol.39)-
    [IUCr][Munksgaard]#継続前誌:Acta Crystallographica /Full:1948(Vol.1)-1967(Vol.23)

    Acta Crystallographica. Sect.D : Biologycal Crystallography *Full:1993(Vol.49)-
    [IUCr][Munksgaard]#継続前誌:Acta Crystallographica /Full:1948(Vol.1)-1967(Vol.23)

    Acta Crystallographica. Sect.E :Structure Reports Online*Full:2001(Vol.57)-
    [IUCr][Munksgaard] # electronic journal only #継続前誌 Acta Crystallographica /Full:1948(Vol.1)-1967(Vol.23)
    # Wiley Full:2001(Vol.57)-2007(Vol.63)

    Acta Materialia *Full:1996(Vol.44)-
    #継続前誌 Acta Metallurgica et Materialia /Full:1990(Vol.38)-1995(Vol.43)

    #継続前誌 Acta Metallurgica /Full:1953(Vol.1)-1989(Vol.37)

    Advanced Energy Materials *Full2011(Vol.1)-
    [Wiley]# electronic journal only

    Advanced Materials *Full:1996(Vol.8)- /Cont:1989(Vol.1)-

    Advanced Materials Research *Full:2011(Vol.340)-/Abst:1994(Vol.1)-2011(Vol.339)
    [Trans Tech Pub.] # electronic journal only2022年~中止

    Advances in Physics *Full:1952(Vol.1)-1996(Vol.45),2005(Vol.54)-2014(Vol.63)/Abst:1997(Vol.46)-
    [Taylor&Francis]# EBSCO :Abst:1975(Vol.24)-

    AIP Conference Proceedings *Full:1970(Vol.1)-

    American Ceramic Society Bulletin * Full:2000(Vol.79 No.7)-
    [EBSCOhost] [Am. Ceram. Soc.]

    Analytica Chimica Acta *Full:1947(Vol.1)-

    Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry *Full:1862(Vol.1)-
    [Springer] #継続前誌含む includes "Fresenius' J. of Analytical Chemistry"

    Analytical Chemistry *Full:1929(Vol.1)-
    [Am. Chem. Soc.] # 継続前誌含む includes "Industrial and Engineering Chemistry"

    Analytical Sciences *Full:1985(Vol.1)- 

    Applied Mechanics and Materials *Full:2011(Vol.101)-/Abst:2004(Vol.1)-2011(Vol.100)
    [Trans Tech Pub.] # electronic journal only2022年~中止

    Applied Optics *Full:1962(Vol.1)-
    [OSA]# 片平地区・青葉山地区限定

    Applied Physics. A :Materials Science & Processing *Full:1973(Vol.1)-

    Applied Physics. B : Lasers & Optics *Full:1981(Vol.26)-

    Applied Physics Express *Full:2008(Vol.1)-
    [IOP]#継続前誌 Japanese journal of applied physics./Full:1962(Vol.1)-

    Applied Physics Letters *Full:1962(Vol.1)-

    Applied Surface Science *Full:1985(Vol.24)-
    [Elsevier]#継続前誌 Applications of surface science/Full:1977(Vol.1)-1985(Vol.23)

    APS news *Full:1995(Vol.4,No.5)-