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国際会議録(Conference List)

This list contains the related international conferences with studies at IMR.
Please click the meeting which you want to see.

Conference List

Conference Year
1 Advanced Magnetic Materials and Applications (ISAMMA)
"Physics of Magnetic Materials (ISPMM)"より改題
2 (Pacific Rim Int.Conf.) Advanced Materials and Processing (PRICM) 1st(1992)-10th(2019)
3 Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Semiconductors : Science and Technology (ICANS)
"Amorphous and Liquid Semiconductors"
"Amorphous and Semiconductors: Science and Technology"
"Amorphous and Microcrystalline Semiconductors: Science and Technology"より改題
4 Applications of the Mossbauer Effect (ICAME) (1960)-(2021)
5 Asian Consortium for Computational Materials Science (ACCMS) 1st(2001)-10th(2019)
6 Crystal Growth and Epitaxy (ICCGE)
"Crystal Growth (ICCG)"より改題
7 Defects in Semiconductors (ICDS)
"Lattice Defects in Semiconductors"
"Radiation Effects in Semiconductors"
"Defects and Radiation Effects in Semiconductors"より改題
8 Extended Defects in Semiconductors (EDS)
"Dislocations in Semiconductors"
"Structure and Properties of Dislocations in Semiconductors"
"Extended Defects in Semiconductors"より改題
9 Ferroelectricity (IMF) 1st(1966)-15th(2021)
10 Fracture (ICF) 1st(1965)-15th(2023)
11 High Temperature Ordered Intermetallic Alloys (MRS) 1st(1984)-9th(2000)
12 Intelligent Processing and Manufacturing of Materials (IPMM) 1st(1997)-7th(2012)
13 Intermag (Int. Magnetics Conf.) (1963)-(2023)
14 Internal Friction & Mechanical Spectroscopy (ICIFMS)
"Internal Friction & Ultrasonic Attenuation in Solids (ICIFUAS)"より改題
15 Int. Conf. Magnetism (ICM) (1939)-(2022)
16 Int. Cryogenic Engineering Conf. (ICEC) 1st(1967)-28th(2022)
17 Joint Intermag - MMM Conf. 1st(1976)-15th(2022)
18 Liquid & Amorphous Metals (LAM) 1st(1966)-18th(2022)
19 Low Temperature Physics (LT) 1st(1949)-29th(2022)
20 Magnet Technology (MT) 1st(1965)-27th(2021)
21 Magnetic Fluids (ICMF) 1st(1977)-16th(2022)
22 Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM) 1st(1955)-68th(2023)
23 Martensitic Transformations (ICOMAT) 1st(1976)-16th(2023)
24 Materials for Microelectronics and Nanoengineering(MFMN)
"Materials for Microelectronics (ICMFM)"より改題
25 Metal-Hydrogen Systems: Fundamentals Applications (MH) 1st(1998)-17th(2022)
26 Metallic Multilayers (MML) 1st(1992)-10th(2019)
27 Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (ICMOVPE) 1st(1981)-20th(2022)
28 Microscopy Congress (IMC)
"Electron Microscopy (ICEM)"より改題
29 Neutron Scattering (ICNS)
"Neutron Scattering in Condensed Matter"より改題
30 Passivity of Metals and Semiconductors (PASSIVITY)
"Passivity of Metals"より改題
31 Physics of Non-Crystalline Solids (PNCS) 1st(1958)-16th(2021)
32 Physics of Semiconductors (ICPS) 1st(1952)-35th(2022)
33 Positron Annihilation (ICPA) 1st(1965)-18th(2018)
34 Quasicrystals (ICQ) 1st(1983)-15th(2021)
35 Rapidry Quenched and Metastable Materials (RQ)
"Rapidly Quenched Metals"
"Rapidry Quenched Materials"より改題
36 Reactivity of Solids (ISRS) 1st(1948)-19th(2018)
37 Strength of Materials (ICSMA)
"Strength of Metals and Alloys"より改題
38 Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (SCES)
"The Physics of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems "より改題
39 Structural Intermetallics (ISSI) 1st(1993)-3rd(2002)
40 Titanium (TI) 1st(1968)-15th(2023)
41 Ultrasonic Electronics (USE) 1st(1980)-42nd(2021)
42 Vapor Growth & Epitaxy (ICVGE)
→See ”ICCGE”
43 II-VI Compounds 1st(1982)-19th(2019)